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February 2014

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Knives for the Plastics and Recycling Industry

In recent years, the recycling industry developed and gained an important industrial sector for disposal. Hence we focus mainly on this field. We are specialised in the area of recycling knives and are now one of Germany's leading companies in this industry.

We produce mainly rotor and bed knives made of high-alloyed steel for a variety of mills, such as Herbold, Rapid, Alpine, Zerma, Condux, and many more. Since these are wear and tear parts, the price-performance ratio is very important.

Each knife exchange costs money and every blade fracture can be very expensive. For this reason, we have aligned our technology to manufacture cost-efficient knives and to achieve a high durability. Together with potential customers, we constantly enhance our knives to achieve an even longer tool life. Depending on the material to recycle we will find you the ideal knife quality.

Due to the high demand and our famous premium quality, we produce some of the rotor and bed knives in large-scale production, which are therefore inexpensive and available at short notice. Our program also includes granulated knives, cover strips, rubber cutting knives etc..

SMM GmbH: Recyclingindustrie